Tineo to Campiello

It was going to be short day today of less than 14k because of the length of tomorrows stage. We intended to have a lay in but try as we might the urge to press on was too great. So we were out at seven thirty and fortunately there was a bar open so we had  breakfast of coffee and toast.

It was a steep climb out of town with some odd garden furniture. The rain started as we climbed so we had to stop to put the wets on. At the top leaving town is the home of El Ultimo de Filipinas, we still have not seen him and wonder if he is actually still there.

There are a lot of wet muddy paths but still not as bad as yesterday. We passed a couple, I think that they were New Zealanders, they were making some very odd moves to avoid the mud. There is no point, it will get you in the end and that is why we buy waterproof boots.

In the woods we come to the diversion for Santa Maria de Obona Monastery and decide this time to take it. Apparently in the days of Alfonso11 you needed a stamp from here to stay at the Hospitales. It was a let down, nobody there, no stamp and we had to walk back the way we had just come.  The wet slippery cobbles did there best to cripple us so all in all not a worthwhile diversion. Then climbing back through the mud we slipped and generally got quite dirty.

It was road work then up to Campiello so we used the grass at the side of the road to get most of the mud off. At Ricardo’s it was like a homecoming so many faces we knew. I went over to Herminia’s to book a room and left Viv and the bags at Ricardo’s. At the counter I was told to go through to the shop. In the shop I was told to wait for La Chica. Then I was following people in and out of the shop trying to get a room. When I did get one it was small but clean and a good bathroom also lots of open shelves, no wardrobe or chests of drawers, ideal for backpackers. Viv meanwhile thought that I had disappeared, I was so long. The Colombians had turned up as well, they were continuing to Borres, but we know that there is only a small albergue there and it does not have a good reputation. Tomorrow they will be doing the hospitales so we may see them again.

I booked breakfast and evening meal with our room, I am not sure breakfast was a good idea as they do not open until 7:30 but the evening meal was good. Viv was not so sure, we had two soup courses, and she did not stop going on about two soups for days.

Very odd Garden furniture


Monastery Santa Maria de Obona


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