Unquera to Llanes

We had a bad start to the day, last nights Chinese gave me all sorts of trouble, so we did not make as much progress as we had hoped early on.

We chose to ignore the camino here, as the high footpath was not interesting pretty or easy. So we took the road, it proved to a much better route and we could walk far enough away from traffic not to be bothered by it. I am sure also it was easier and shorter.

On the top side of Columbres we now found a few new hostals and one even had a bar open at this hour. Time for a coffee. While there we observed three girls heading off on the camio. At the turn off in La Franca we passed one of them removing her trouser legs and then passed the other two a bit later. We would pass and repass them all day.

At Buelna the hospitalero was again outside directing the pilgrims onto the coastal path “Better than the road, it is boring”, we told him we had done this before and this time wanted to do it different. We looked back and the girls were taking his advice. I hope they did not get lost as we had done, with Henry who we had met here. https://tangogales.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/la-franca-to-llanes-21-6kilometers/

We met up with them later, it was short of the point when we had left the coastal path, so maybe they too had lost it. They were, it seems, lost again. So we pointed them in the right direction and carried on. Then later we turned off the road, the girls were here again looking for Andrin. They were putting too much faith in their phone, and then they lost faith. They turned around and took the road.

Andrin was a sleepy place, we stopped for a drink and some cake we had with us, but there was nothing here apart from some seats outside a church. At a place called Cue we stopped for some beer and gasiosa as we were now running on empty and dry. I was not pleased when the guy short-changed me. It is rare here but annoying when it happens.

We found our old Hostal Guia in Llanes it is 41euros but not bad for a resort town I suppose.  Food is good here too, Bocaplaza has free WiFi and serves food all day. I think of this place every time I have trouble getting food at a reasonable hour in Spain. There is obviously a demand, because it is always packed out.


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