The start

Since our second Camino I have had a desire to fill in the bits that we missed. We missed the whole of the second half of El Norte because I got lost and ended up doing El Primativo. Then for logistical reasons we missed the high “Hospitales” route and did the lower Pola de Allande route. The history lesson that I had in Casa Ricardo inspired me ( Tineo to Pola de Allande 25.7 kilometres ) and I was determined to go over the top. So I booked flights out and two nights stay in Bilbao, and this time a return flight as well.

For some reason on the flight I was terrified, was it perhaps the program I had watched on the crashing Space Shuttles? I don’t know. I just know that I was happy to land despite the rough landing. There were no signs in the airport and I missed the loos. When a lady told me where they were I was just on the escalator. I suppose you should not try running up a down escalator in hiking boots, but I was desperate. Then when I tried to leave the loo the door again had no sign, I panicked when it would not open. How was I to know I should be pushing, not pulling.

The carousel for the bags was not signed either so further delays. Finally outside we were surrounded by autopistas and the GPS was not about to recognize an address in Basque. Time to admit defeat and take a taxi into town. We were running later than planned and there would be enough walking for us the next eight weeks.

Not sure if the guy at Pension de la Fuente remembered us, but we recognized him and already knew our way around the place. So we went out for some beer and then it was time for bed.

The following day we walked to the Guggenheim spent some time exploring the exterior but every source we had, said that inside was not worth the visit, so we just explored outside.  The Puppy was well worth seeing though, stainless steel  structure and planted with begonias.

We went to look at the Plaza del Torros as these are usually exceptional buildings, this one however was a disappointment. Built in the brutal style of it’s year 1968. There were many beautiful buildings here, but this was not one of them. We did finally managed to get that frozen yogurt though. See

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