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Lineman for the county

Same old same old, when I got to the post it was all but empty but still not a chance of being served. Oddly there was a queue at window 7. I am not sure what goes on at window 7 but you do not need to take a number. Today there were many without numbers but still only one window 7.

When I got back we retired to the balcon with coffee to watch the linemen putting up another cable. Perched on his ladder the traffic drove past with little interest in the cable that they drove over and then under. The motorbike that came the wrong way up the street on the pavement was also unconcerned about the ladder he missed by inches. No worries, the guy up the ladder had a hard hat on, so all would be well.

Nuevo Chique again today. As I keep saying “You never know what is coming” Today it was not over crowded, but the standard of floorcraft was appalling. Such that you would have thought it packed to the gunnels.  All my favourite ladies were there and for Viv it was similar. We stayed again until eight and apart from when she left to freshen up Viv never missed. Even that is not totally true, after I danced milonga with her she went out and came back halfway through a Pugliese tanda, she danced the last two tracks so technically she did not actually miss it.

We returned to HB again. The service did not match the first time and as I was not feeling on top form I had salad. Still we ate and drank well and all for £20. Treated ourselves to a Snickers bar from the chino in celebration of a good night.

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