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H B Hipper Burger

What makes a woman happy? Today it is a visit to Pura Quimica. Just across the road where the take-away was, selling brushes and cleaning chemicals in bulk. We had a bit of a problem with bleach, they call it lavandina here, not what it says in my dictionary. The guy rang his partner up to find out what I wanted, all for $15. Good service. I just hope that at these prices he will still be open next year.

Another Nuevo Chique day today. You never know how it will go, but today was exceptional. We stayed until eight and Viv never missed a Tanda. While I was changing my shoes and getting in the zone, she was already up. When the Pugliese tanda came on, I went to freshen up and sat talking to Maggy, Viv was still dancing. I was looking forward to my burger, but it looked like we would never leave. Second fun conversation of the day, explaining “Taking the mick” in Spanish. It was all Dave Morris’s fault, seems Maggy has been reading your comments about beer. Well done Dave, you are now famous.

It was not like there was a shortage of women, there were a few that I missed dancing with, because, again too many women too little time. Viv though seems to have got it right tonight and was never one of those left with La Plancha. (A saying here “Basta la Plancha” it means enough of the ironing. They say it when they have sat too long in the milonga.)

Eight o’clock came and she hit the wall. time to leave. For about three years now they have been building a huge apartment building on Humahuaca and Bulnes. (For those not paying attention, that is the diagonal opposite corner of the block our building is on) It looks more or less complete now and there is a rather nice burger bar underneath it at street level. We thought that H B was named after the streets it was on, but apparently not Hipper Burger is the name. It was near empty when we arrived, as even though late for us, it is early eating for Argentines. The menu choice was good, although all burgers and the service also was good. The girl who served us spoke English. I have heard the term “Fast food” but never really seen it until now. We had a bottle of Quilmes Negra and we had barely tasted it when the food arrived.

Great food, good price and close, what more could we want. $500 for two burger meals and two litres of stout, £20 for those not paying attention. I think we will be back.

Oh nearly forgot, music from the 80’s, I think we were the only ones in there old enough to remember, but we loved it.

I remember when we moved here, there was nothing around. El Imaginario was there but doing almost no business one day a week nothing else away from Corrientes. Now we have bars and restaurants on every corner and a few in between.  We are still the cheap end, but now very happening, let’s hope the prices do not start to reflect our new status.

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