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First job of the morning was to get the curtains down (well one for now) to wash. This was washed while I did the daily shop. When I got back we had a call from Sebastian, they would be cutting the power for an hour. I did not know why but we were off out anyway once the curtain was out of the washer.

On our way out I discovered that they were working on the lift, so I went back and asked them to adjust the limits on our floor. It never stops right on station.

We were heading down to town to try to get a few things that we have been short of. We passed a big farmacia close to the station “they won’t have a mirror in there ” said I, but I was wrong. The girl was horrified when she looked in it eight times magnification must be horrific with good eyes, but for Viv, it was just the thing.

We stopped off in Suarez for some coffee and cake, London prices here, but it is only one day. We wandered off along Florida looking for music and trying to remember where Harrods was. We reached our limit at Juan Peron, our indecision must have shown, I heard what I though was someone giving Viv a slap on the back. I checked my pockets Viv still had her bag, I still had my wallet, the assailant had vanished along with her gold chain. Viv had been warned so often about her chain, but as they say “familiarity breeds contempt” sixteen visits here and we have never had anything stolen. A few attempts, but then this guy was slick, I never even saw him.

We talked to a couple who said we should report it to the police, “but what is the point?” “for your holiday insurance” they said. Well we have none as technically we are not actually on holiday, anyway, insurance would have cost me more than the chains value. We are often warned about dangerous areas, but it is always the “tourist” areas where we have problems.

We headed off to Galerias Pacificos for a consolation Ice cream. Too late to do anything now, just accept our loss. I never managed to get any music either.


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