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Is there a War on?

Sometimes you just wonder, our favourite dietetica has now been open for two weeks. Plenty of time to stock up, you would think. However they only had 1kg of extra fine oats, no instant or any other oats. Now for the prunes, no, not until Monday. This is Argentine time, Monday could be August.

Then it was round to my favourite verduraria, completely shut up. At least the Chinese are always open. Viv says we need to get more food stamps, she may be right.

We have good days and bad. This was not one of the good. When we arrived at Beso Vivs usual seat was taken and there was a whole row of tourists there. She had to sit by me for a while, even after she moved it was poor fishing. I moved later to allow room for a couple, but as there were too many women it did not give me a problem.

The dancing was not good either, while the floor looked less crowded, the new intake were mainly non tango dancers. So they would come onto the floor shuffle around and be totally unable to use the space.  There was much bumping and treading on feet.

We said goodbye to Maria today as well, she flies home tomorrow. Over the next week quite a few of our friends will be leaving us. We will not be going yet though, they will have to put up with us a few more weeks yet.

We left early for some Quilmes Stout. The answer to all problems.

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