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An expensive day

There was some things we needed that we could only get from Jumbo, so I was dragged kicking and screaming by Viv off to the supermarket. We soon found the vacuum cleaner bags with the help of an assistant. They rearrange supermarkets here just like at home, to confuse the shoppers. Then we found the multi packs of soap, Viv had sent me out last night, but confused by choice, I came back with beer. We soon had everything we came in for, checked the milk, but it was cheaper in the chino and less distance to carry.

Jumbo was all but empty, but still we waited in the checkout queue, there is no such thing as Argentine service.

Viv decided she wanted to walk down Corrientes and as she is now getting a feel for the place I asked her which way. She knew, but for some reason always thinks we are on Humahuaca, so she was a block out. Still she is getting better. We had been busy talking earlier and a guy had asked me for Gascon, I had forgotten where I was so for a moment I was unsure, so I have no room to criticize.

We found a new shop and just walked in for a look around. Nice stuff but not a lot in here, then Viv saw a pack of six glasses for $100, we have been paying about $30 each for replacements, too good to pass up. Then in another shop we found some tea light dishes. Viv was obviously in the mood for spending.

I hatched a plan, we turned down Medrano and called into “Decorar” our favourite furniture shop. I had seen a chair I wanted, and as Viv was in the mood for spending, well it was too good an opportunity to miss. There is a rule for fives in Spanish sin, quin, sin, quin, basically Five, Fifteen, Fifty, Five hundred, cinco, quince, cincuenta, quinientos. For some reason even after all these years I get myself in a mess with fives. I wanted to leave a deposit of $500 but had no end of trouble getting her to understand and this time it was not just the accent. By the time we had finished though we were having quite a good conversation. Let Viv with her “No hablo espanol” not fool you, she held her own admirably.

Having spent a week’s money in less than two hours, it was time for coffee.

Later and we are off to Nuevo Chique, again not expecting much as the Carnival fever is still with us. As we expected, the numbers were up and standards down. So much so that Viv demolished a table, obviously not her fault but the man driving. He did go back to sort it out though.

What we did not expect was that people were here to dance. Three and a half hours and neither of us missed a tanda, it was just non-stop.

Exhausted, we walked over to Cervantes for some food. I remember last time having a right royal feast here, somehow this time it was not quite the same. That said, we left fully satiated, but they do not have stout, and, well, lager is just not the same.

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