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Watching paint dry

The dietetica on Marion Bravo is open at last, a good 20% cheaper for oats that the nearest to us and half the price of the supermarkets. We asked about prunes but they have not yet re-stocked after their holidays. One of my favourite tricks for getting my ear in is to ask a question that I know the answer and so it was with their closure for January. Now more able to understand I asked whether they always closed January, she said not last year. I thought I had no recollection of it closing last year,

It was a big shop this morning with Viv directing things. Her knowledge of the streets here is not that good and it did somewhat slow me down, still we came back with bags full of stuff and even a picture of Bruno.(You can see him on my facebook page)

They are painting the building opposite, just the ground floor. It is strange, it has not even been daubed in graffiti but the top floors are looking shabby. Still it is keeping Viv amused, just watching paint dry.

Back to Nuevo Chique again today. Seems to be a different crowd again, but it is ok for me and I think Viv did better than she said, but she was not up for it from the start so maybe she put a little less effort in. We still stayed until seven though three hours of dancing is enough for anyone.

It’s February and everything is opening again. The dietetica, the kiosko in the subte and so we were hoping El Revolucionario. When we got there the girls were there but they said “Somos cerado” No date for opening they said so we caught our bus back home.

We bought tomorrows media lunas and then headed off to El Imaginario. We thought about the other bars in the area, but non of them seem to have cervesa negra. As we sit there, inside but outside sipping our beer, we know exactly what hits the spot. Viv though was not impressed with my pizza, boring omelette, I love a bit of Roquefort.

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