Fresh Ginger

No Tango today, Viv has decreed a rest day. I call it a boring day, but as she normally lets me dance with all those women, I cannot complain.

First job is a bit of gardening. Walter has done a fine job looking after my plants and some of them need trimming back. The Ginger is also looking well so I am going to tip it out and harvest some. Job done and although there is not a great deal, I have about twice what I planted and enough to get it started again.

After it is washed up it is time for breakfast, now we have had root ginger before on our porridge but really fresh does have a particularly good flavour. You don’t get much fresher than this.

Next I get dragged out for some shopping. To be fair we need a new dining chair, but I can’t seem to find a furniture shop close by. Out and about we struggle to find most things we are looking for. Viv however is on the hut for a new toaster and there are plenty of places we can find these. Today though we are not out to replace things, still waiting for our last years rental money, but we can do the research.

We did find a very good vegetarian grocers, where we managed to get different rices and peanut butter. Real peanut butter, no additives or palm oil or even sugar, a definite plus this. Still we had got almost nothing we came out for, time for a coffee.

As always we had problems getting the bill and when we came out the sky was an angry shade of grey. Down to the almacen for some beef. We only wanted one slice but it was not quite enough then we had confusion when we asked for another. seems he did not want to leave just a small piece, so we had three slices. Still it was less than £5 and would do for at least two meals.

That sky had broken, when it rains here it means it and we were stranded.  We wanted some bread from the chino so we dodged under the balconies down the road. Why o why do people with umbrellas go under the balconies and expect those of us without to walk in the rain?

Still we got our bread but not the laces Viv wanted. All in all a very poor hunting expedition.

Now the steak, that is a whole different ball game, delicious and enough for another meal later in the week. Followed by Ice cream from our lady down the road, she remembered me “Gales” she said, “si” said I.




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