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It’s all true

Off to Nuevo Chique again today, but my foot is playing me up and I suspect I will not dance much.  I did the first tanda with Viv then a couple followed by the milonga with Viv. My foot was hurting too much so I retreated to the toilets and made a roll of  paper towel to go under my foot. While I was in there two men were practicing their moves with each other. I knew that this happened many years ago but I never expected to see it today, so it is all true, the men dance with men to improve their tango.

Once out of there I found my makeshift foot support really helped. I still missed the odd tanda but I was not missing every other and I did not have to miss another vals. Viv meanwhile was having a rare old time, I thought we would be staying late. She had other ideas though, seems that she can get tired as well as bored, so just after seven I got my marching orders.

Down again to El Revolucionario, they have run out of Cream Stout, we have to have Stella. It’s another 30$ar for  beer we like less, is it so hard to keep a stock?

At least our 151 collective is reliable, dropping us off at our doorstep as always.


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