In the wars

All this dancing takes its toll on my feet. Last night I had blood covered socks because the back of my foot was rubbed raw. This morning I woke to aching feet and my left foot swollen. I have been liberally applying anti inflammatory cream in the vain hope of a cure.

This morning Sebastian called on the intercom to tell me that the gas was going to be cut for one or two hours. I actually understood what he said. Emboldened by this, when I went out, I asked him exactly when it would be cut as Viv has lentajas in the oven. I should have known better, he gave me the life story of the gas man and details of his van. I understood not a word.

Now I have a bit of money I bought some socks and underpants. I bought underpants here two years ago and they are the most comfortable I have ever worn. The trouble was when I got back this time they were the wrong size, so it was straight out again. Then they only had my size in white, I was not that bothered but the girl insisted on phoning for more, so I had to stand around waiting. Anyway this was a test pair, if they are as good as before I will be going back for more in the next day or so.

So I limped off to El Beso not expecting much from the day. Viv was doing well with dances, meanwhile I was happy to sit out a few tandas. It’s funny how it becomes more enjoyable the less you worry about getting dances. Some of the ladies sat across from me were giving me hard stares, but I was only going to dance the tandas I wanted. At one point Elisa (The Organizer) came and asked me if I had danced “Si” I said “I am resting my foot”. Teresa would not let me rest though, I had three tandas with her. Cracking on for ninety she still has lots of energy.

We stayed almost to the end, and I found a bit more energy later, but for Viv it was party time. When the crowd thins out she gets more dances. I was sorry e did not stay until the end, I know, when I DJ, I am always disappointed when people do not stay for La Cumparsita.


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