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Metrogas problems

I went off to pay the gas bill, now, bills here you can pay in quotas. After the problems with the rentas last year I make sure I am early. Last month I paid the gas bill two days early, the girl asked if I wanted to pay both quotas, well yes, not wishing to spend half an hour more in a queue for the sake of £2.50. So today I am just one day early to pay, and the girl said that there was a problem, I could only pay the first quota. She explained why, as only a porteña can and I understood not a word. I just know I will have to queue again later, just when I have no idea. A question for Philippe later.

The forecast said light rain, well I suppose it was light for here, but we managed with our Umbrellas. It seems not everyone was as adventurous as us. The crowd was right down at Canning. Viv always does well when the numbers are down, but by seven she had exhausted all the available men. She went off home to cook supper. I stayed until half past as I had told Philippe I would be there at eight. By this time however I was dancing with ladies I had already danced with.

When I got to Philippes his motorbike was not there and I worried that he was out. It was worse than that, someone had stolen it. Apparently you have to pay a third to the government in tax when you buy a vehicle and as well as that he will lose ten percent of its value, so for the short time he has had it, it has been a big expense. Everything here is paid for in quotas and the bike was no exception, until his insurance comes through he still has to pay.

The gas bill was explained. Apparently Philippe had the same problem; Metrogas had put the same bar code on both quotas. If they do not sort it in the next two weeks I will have to leave it with Walter.


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