I don’t want to complain too much, after all we came here to tango and that’s what we did, but understanding the different milongas is crucial to anyone who comes here.

Now El Beso is a totally different animal on a Monday and one perhaps less friendly to yours truly. On a Friday it is El Abrazo, but on Monday it is Misteriosa. We came here last week and had a good time, but like milongas, no two weeks are the same.

Viv went to the ladies to change so we effectively arrived separately, Elisa did not remember me, it seems. She sat me at the corner table behind the shy guy. It seemed ok but  when I got up to dance another guy was also sat at the table. I was getting pushed behind shy guy and getting cramped up. I moved the chair from the end to give us more room. After another dance, one more guy was sat at the table pushing me further behind Shy Guy. Now it was near impossible for me to cabeceo.

Paloma, who was sat quite close could not be enticed to look my way and the ladies across the room could not see me. I was missing tandas at a rate never before seen. In the end I moved myself over to the mirror, where I sit on a Friday. Even here it was not easy, I could not get anyone’s eye. If I got up to try and approach a lady, invariably some one else would get there first.

Viv started well it seems, but after a couple of hours she too was having problems.  For the first time since we have  been going seperado we danced five tandas together. At least we had each other or the day would have been a complete disaster.

It was not that crowded, which usually helps Viv get dances, but many of the regulars were not there. For me there were too few women and for Viv too many foreign men. For me to miss so many tandas these days is very rare, but I should not complain, the ladies get this all the time.

As we have only three weeks left we will stick at it and see how we go, but without locals, there is little point in getting your face known.

We still had many dances and an enjoyable time, but we did not stay as late as we had expected to, this far into our stay. We were gone by seven.



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