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Revolutionary food

It’s my monthly trip to the bank to pay my expensas, a particularly stressful occasion for me. It’s hard to learn when you simply do not understand, but I made some notes and hope springs eternal. As usual there was a big queue, but fortunately two machines were running, so those behind me would at least not have to wait for me to fail. It took three attempts, but I finally managed it on my own. It will be nine months before I have to do it again, I guess I will have to learn it all again by then, that is assuming I did it right and my money is not in some black hole somewhere.

We arrived early at Nuevo Chique, as usual there were few people there. This did not last however and soon it was sardine time again. Some people still think that they can get away with multiple back steps in a situation like this. It drives me mad, I spend more time protecting the woman than actually enjoying the music. Then you get those cutting diagonals across the floor. Still despite everything I had a good time.

Viv, however was complaining again. More than ever now I know that it is all perception, she just wants to dance every tanda. I danced with the lady in front of her and she said “Your wife dances a lot”, well I know at one point she missed three tandas, but all in all she did not miss that many. We stayed until seven thirty which is another indication; she would have been out of there before seven had she not been getting many dances.

El Revolutionario was crowded as well, but we seem to now have a regular table and all the staff recognize us and say hello. We ordered our stout and the I thought I would have a look at the menu. I only wanted to look, but it seems they had other ideas. The youngest girl came over saying something about empanadas and rapido. I asked her if they were closing and she said at eleven, it is still a mystery what she was on about. Still we decided to order food anyway, it looked promising.

We had a chicken salad each and enough bread to stuff a pig. The onion bread was especially nice. When I went to pay, I did a double take. I think that they thought I was doubting the price, well I was, but not the way you would think. It was 220$ar, two meals and beer with nibbles, that’s £11 to you at home. It is not worth cooking at these prices.


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