On Shoes

We sat up half the night to listen to my radio interview, I can’t say I was impressed, but I suppose I am not a professional at this, not going to win any elections with my radio persona. Mind you Fernando did invite me again after the last time, even if it was five years ago, so I must have something. Available and free? Perhaps.

Viv has a pair of flat shoes almost flip flops, but with a rather attractive sparkly bit on them, disaster struck the other day when the over foot strap broke. Well this is Argentina and everything is repairable, there is a shop called El Bosque on the corner where they repair shoes. 90$AR about £4.50 it cost me and when we picked them up we could not tell which one had been repaired.

Then we went to the DNI shop again and Viv tried on those shoes that she really liked. The beauty of them was that they had pretty patterned leather on the back, but where the actual work is done they were black.  I don’t understand why more shoes are not like this. The trouble was they were not wide enough, non of their shoes were, in fact. When this shop was Tango Ocho they would make shoes to order, but they were not volunteering now. We decided to try their shop on Bulnes but we had the same result. Which was a shame, with it being only one block away it would have been handy. We will have to try Flabella later in the week.

In Salon Canning today it was our best day yet. We stayed until seven thirty and Viv only missed three tandas. I missed about the same but before we left I was too shattered to dance another. I did two tandas with Marta and three, I think, with Viv. Apart from these every tanda was with a different woman and there were still women left who I had not danced with.

Erwin was doing exceptional work from his DJ post, his set could not be faulted. He even found time to film the vals tanda. Now I know I was up, but am nowhere to be seen, I will have to take Erwin to task on this.

Someone was setting up a film camera at the top corner of the floor. With Viv being camera shy and me wondering if I would look as bad on TV as I sounded on Radio we decided it was time for us to go.

Then It was home for the steak we had bought this morning. The cut was called cuadril, I don’t know what that would be at home but it was delicious and less than £2.50. You just can’t knock it.

We had one hell of a storm last night, thunder lightning and the streets were flooded. I am glad we were not out in it. I rather suspect that even this did not wash away all the dog shit though.

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