Video never killed me

Well we went to El Beso today. First time so I cannot comment on the numbers just to say there was a lot less than Friday. Viv prefers it this way anyway. I struggled to get good dances, after I had danced with all the good ones. Still there was more room and it was easier to cabeceo.

Seven o’clock and I had to go, and left Viv to it. I had an appointment at Radio National Argentina. This is like the Argentine version of the BBC, and we would be on REA which is like their world service.  Arriving there I had to wait by security while they contacted Fernando. We greeted and he took me upstairs, along the corridor we stood and chatted for a while then he took me into the studio, where I first met his producer.

Well the setup was just like Frazier, desk with big micro phones and the producer sitting behind a window. All the walls were covered in foam rubber and I was sat with my big earphones on and a big fluffy mic thrust in my direction. The interview was supposed to be about foreigners living in Buenos Aires, but as I was not actually living here it became about foreigners coming here for tango. So now I am a radio star, famous in my own soup bowl. It will be broadcast at midnight Buenos Aires time, that is three am UK. I am sure no of you will miss it, prime time it is not.

When I get the link I will let you all know.


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  1. Sounds like a great experience. Hope to hear more about it.

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