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Man gets it right

Went out to pick up Vivs shoes, I could not tell which one they had repaired. Then I went to the libraria for an envelope, there was one ever so slightly bigger than the one that I had, (which was too small for her paper) or one much bigger. I bought one of each. Returning the smaller of the two was actually perfect, so on my next trip out I bought five of the envelopes and posted Vivs letter. It’s not often a man gets it all right, I’m in good books, for a while anyway.

Nuevo Chique was quiet today. One advantage of not listening to the news is that you are not affected by it. There was a strike and demonstrations today so many did not turn up. We did because we were not listening and had a good time. The trouble was that Viv soon used up all the available men, but still managed to dance until after six. Still we left there happy at seven and left for El Revolutionario.

Beer, the answer to everything especially stout. I half expected the place to be full of protesting revolutionaries, but there was plenty of room for two extranjeros. I guess they had all now gone home. Even our 151 collective was not full for our journey home, love this bus, drops us right at our door.

For those waiting for more news on the Radio: the link is;

www.rae.com.ar    Midnight tonight 3am gmt or three pm tomorrow, Wednesday six PM Gmt



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Video never killed me

Well we went to El Beso today. First time so I cannot comment on the numbers just to say there was a lot less than Friday. Viv prefers it this way anyway. I struggled to get good dances, after I had danced with all the good ones. Still there was more room and it was easier to cabeceo.

Seven o’clock and I had to go, and left Viv to it. I had an appointment at Radio National Argentina. This is like the Argentine version of the BBC, and we would be on REA which is like their world service.  Arriving there I had to wait by security while they contacted Fernando. We greeted and he took me upstairs, along the corridor we stood and chatted for a while then he took me into the studio, where I first met his producer.

Well the setup was just like Frazier, desk with big micro phones and the producer sitting behind a window. All the walls were covered in foam rubber and I was sat with my big earphones on and a big fluffy mic thrust in my direction. The interview was supposed to be about foreigners living in Buenos Aires, but as I was not actually living here it became about foreigners coming here for tango. So now I am a radio star, famous in my own soup bowl. It will be broadcast at midnight Buenos Aires time, that is three am UK. I am sure no of you will miss it, prime time it is not.

When I get the link I will let you all know.

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