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We decided to spend the day walking around, Vi wanted to walk down Levalle. So we headed of in a townward direction. I took a diversion around 3500 to see if we could see the place where there was a practica on a Monday, but as is so often the case here, with shutters down, there was nothing to show. So we headed back on to Levalle.

We stopped at The DNI shop, Tango Ocho as it used to be. The assistants heard us talking about Tango Ocho and realized we were not fly by night turistas so they left us to our own devices. Viv saw some nice shoes, we may come back.

We stopped at Pasco and popped into Carolina, but the shop is small and on a Saturday is quite crowded. Even standing in the corner that served as a man Crèche I was still in the way. There was no way Viv was going to get to try on a dress here so we wandered on.

Viv was convinced that we passed another shoe shop so we wandered off to seek it out. This is when the ever helpful local appeared, “I am an English teacher” he said “What are you looking for”. We told him and also about our history here, never the less he insisted on telling me where Corrientes was and Cordoba then Santa Fe. He was no help finding the shoe shop though. Then as we passed back some guy had been earwigging and stepped out of his doorway “can I help you” he said.

We never did find that shoe shop though we did get to the one I remembered on Esmarelda, despite a slight loss of bearings as we got into Micro centro. “Old Women shoes” was Vivs opinion, so we went to Suipacha. All the shops were shutting up, I am not sure if it was siesta or a half day, but the weather was turning so we did not hang around. Darcos was still open, it was filled with reductions, but most of the shoes just looked tatty. We thought we would try the factory in Sarmiento. When we got there the cupboard was bare. Well to be exact the cupboard was missing, the building has been taken over by a cable company. I suspect that Darcos is not long for this world.

Many years ago in the Bert and Brigitte days, we used to frequent a place called Doctor Masons. Cheap and cheerful food and beer in the old Doctor’s house. Now it has changed name, although not much else has changed. The décor and seating are still the same, even the Encyclopedia Britannica is still on the shelf. The new name is Shanghai Dragon but the beer is still good. They had a choice of stouts and unusually for here we were offered a taste before deciding. The food now has a definitely Cantonese flavor and as there does not seem to be a decent Chinese restaurant in these parts we were happy.

The food came in take away boxes, with which I was no so happy, but the flavours were to die for.  Disposable everything including chop sticks keeps the staff down I suppose. Viv now has a way she can use Chop sticks; she does not separate them, using them like tongs, separating them with a finger and letting them close on her food. Well if it works for her.

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