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Great playlist at Chique

Another hot day and our foraging expedition is kept rather short. Viv has decided that the air con is making us unwell so I bake in the apartment as well.

The subte was packed solid and Uruguay was also busy and extremely hot, so we arrived at Nuevo Chique in a bit of a state.  It took several tandas to cool down. The big crowds we expected from El Arranque never turned up. One old guy was complaining it was too hot. How it could be hotter than El Arranque that has no air con I don’t know, but you know how some people complain.

All my favourites were there but Viv was again struggling and the floor was looking almost empty by six. Erwin turned up, Busman’s holiday I suppose. Dany played some new vals, apparently it was Canaro we debated and in the end I had to ask Dany. I have searched for this version without success, Viv thinks that as the next tanda was Canaro we got crossed lines I will have to go to arbitration on this. News back from Erwin is it was Canaro, now I know the track I just have to find the others.

Dany was exceptional tonight, while I knew most of the tracks they were by orquestas that I was not expecting. What I would give for his playlist.

After the milonga we went to Revolutionario and had a bottle of stout just the thing after a long days dancing. Then it was back home on our trusted 151.




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