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Martes de Carnival

Did not do a lot in the morning apart from some shopping, it was just to hot to go out, still that left us more refreshed For Nuevo Chique.

The walk down Uruguay was anew experience, there were so few people. We never had to step off the pavement or dally behind some dawdler it was almost a pleasure.

In Chique there was bunting hanging up, apparently they are having some sort of rave up at eight. there was not much hope of us still being here. Viv was fretting about the big numbers and getting dances, but in fact she did well only missing one milonga tanda. The numbers of women here meant that many only danced every third dance. I, of course, was in heaven. A couple of times when because of shear numbers I had a bad cabeceo, I only had to turn and another woman would be waiting.

Viv still got fed up by seven though so we changed our shoes and headed off. At El revolucionario I had asked about pancakes, yes they did them and we could have them Martes de Carnival. Imagine then, it was shut for the holiday. Sometimes I doubt my Spanish and my understanding of the reply, but not in this case, it was clear I would be here today.

We caught a 90 collective back and stopped at Corrientes. Just for a change we had a sub from Subway. I have to say that the ingredients did not look anywhere near as fresh as at home and the price seemed high as well, £7 for a twelve inch about £1.50 more than UK prices. Some things, it seems are deerer here.

Still at just £2 for a litre Quilmes stout is still a bargain. Sub and beer on the balcon it is then.

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