A bad couple of days

In the morning the power went off, fortunately our tank has enough water for a few days, but we filled pans just in case.

We had to have cold showers though because the boiler does not work without electricity. I had to go down to the confiteria for something for breakfast as we cannot microwave the porridge.

Nuevo Chique was almost deserted. Oh there were enough women, but the men were almost non existent. As Viv was not getting dances all hope of a long one were gone. Trouble was that there was also a storm raging outside. There was no mention of this on the weather forecast, but there was no denying the rain was bouncing down.

Luckily we managed to get out in a lull and to El Revolutionario without getting too wet. No electric meant no proper breakfast so we had a Buenos Aires giant tart each. Viv had Dulche de leche and I had membillo.

I had bought in some chop suey, but the lights were still off, I could not ask Viv to cook in the dark so we headed out to Imaginario for some omelet and salad, washed down with a measure of stout. We got a taste of what it must have been like for Philippe in the early days with no air con. It was unbearable and we had an awful nights sleep. It did not help the noise having the window open.

Again in the morning no power, so again no breakfast. The electricity finally came back on just before we got ready, so, at least, we managed a hot shower.

We returned  to Canning today, only a pound more than Juan and with Erwin as DJ, it had to be better. The problem was again the numbers were right down. I now think it was the threat of storm, which again did not appear on our forecast. Still I had some good dances even found out the cat womans name. Viv did not do as bad as she made out, but was ready to leave by seven.

We came out into another torrent. Only one umbrella with us and totally inappropriate footwear we dodged buildings all the way back. We were lucky not to be completely soaked. I think that there is a lesson here for us. Still it was romantic, at least, the two of us huddled together under one umbrella.



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