Radio Star?

Monday is our rest day, a day free from tango and a chance to rest our aching muscles, but we do not rest up completely. We walked down to Palermo for Viv to do some shopping. On the way we stopped at a bar, just for coffee, you understand. This was not the sort of place that had facturas so I decided to have beer. The guy made out he did not understand when I asked for a poron and insisted I asked in English. Then he told me that they do not do poron and I must have a pint and no black beer. I think I remember this bar, we came here a few years ago and decided not to come back. I wish my memory served me better. Still the beer was ok if a little early in the day.

On the corner across the road they were either renovating or rebuilding the corner. It was at a stage where you could not tell. I was fascinated to watch a guy doing the outside in traditional concrete work. He was making a coppice along the front, a slow job so unless I go back I will not see it finished.

We walked then into the centre of Palermo so that Viv could buy some earrings and a scarf. The sun was baking hot and when Viv was in the shops I just enjoyed the man crèche and the air conditioning.

When we got back from our shopping trip it was straight down for some Ice cream. Our usual place was closed so I had to go to Farricci, cost me and extra pound but they do have better flavours.

Anyway sitting here afterwards, watching nine out of ten cats and my messenger comes alive. It was Fernando Farias, it seems he wants to interview me for the radio. Well I have the face for it, so they say. My interview is next Monday, I will let you know when it is to be broadcast.



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