No Hay agua

Woke up this morning to no water. No hot, no cold, nothing. We had our usual porridge but we were desperate for coffee. It cost me 47$ar for a big bottle of water. Why, on earth people buy this stuff when there is perfectly good stuff in the taps I will never know. Today though there was nothing in the taps, so pay I must.

On the way back I checked in the basement, somebody was working down there, but I could not find them. Our porter is on holiday at the moment and we have a locum, but only until 12o’clock. What this means for our water supply I have yet to find out. One of the neighbors rang my bell asking if I had water, it was now quarter past one. She said that the porter would not be downstairs as he finishes at twelve. She then lost patience with my poor Spanish and tried next door.  My Spanish skills still make it difficult for me here, but as we have had no water, to my knowledge, since nine, you would think that she would have complained earlier. Someone needs to contact the administrator, not me, I could not even get her to receive my expensas. I live in hope that somebody has done it.

El beso today had lost some of its magic. I’m not quite sure how, but something was not there. Viv struggled for dances and was soon getting fed up. I had some good dances with some of my regulars but some of the others seemed reluctant to dance. I got up for what I thought was a cabeceo from the Cat lady, but she danced with someone else. Luckily I was saved by the pretty little lady from El Arranque.

The floor was always over crowded and I noticed a significant difference in dancers. Most people, like me would dance into space, while the less experienced would just hesitate and move very little. I can sympathize here, I have been there myself. What I noticed though was the bigger guys just barged through. It is annoying for the other dancers, but I wonder how the ladies feel, being used as a battering ram.

We were both tired and soon fed up so we beat a retreat. We walked up Corrientes and found a bar. It took us some time to be understood, but it turned out that they did not have stout. We found no other bars, so we dropped down into the subte at Uruguay came up again at Medrano and went into Pachi for some beer. Even this did not meet with Viv’s approval, they gave us olives with it instead of peanuts, she was not a happy bunny.

We returned to our building to find the lights off downstairs, the lift not working and the internet down. Of course we still had no water either.  Fed up does not begin to describe how I feel.




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