El Revolutionario

It was threatening rain and stupidly we left the flat without umbrellas. I could have negotiated the subte system to get us within two blocks of Nuevo Chique, but did not think about it until we were about to come above ground. As luck would have it, it was not actually raining although we could feel the odd drop. The pavements were another matter though. We needed great care to avoid getting splashed by lose flags that will send a jet of dirty water up your leg at any opportunity.

Somehow we arrived clean and dry and were soon installed in our favourite seats. Another great afternoon but again the crowd seems to have changed. Viv never missed a tanda but a lot of her favourites were missing. Every time I leave I give my ticket to Miguel, it’s a thank you for dancing with Viv every time. Last Thursday he won the sorteo with my number. Now he had given the champagne to Viv to distribute. “It was your number” he said, I could not convince him that it was a gift. There was too much for Viv and I so we called for extra glasses and gave some to Pauline and Geoff and to Hubert and Paloma.

There was a huge amount of women, Viv did really well to keep dancing. As well as all my regulars from here there seemed to be all my regulars from other venues as well. I had a real problem trying to make sure that I did not upset anyone. The lady who says I have lovely eyes was here and I very nearly did another double cabeceo with her and the Polish lady. I had to quickly look away and break the contact. Having established that she wanted to dance with me I then rushed over to her. She was embarrassed when in El Arranque she had come to the floor and I danced with someone else, I did not want it to happen twice.

Three and a half hours of solid dancing was taking its toll so at seven thirty Viv called time. On our way out Marcella gave us a huge chocolate sweet. Some sort of Valentines tradition apparently, we thanked her and set off into the street.

Viv is still in search of the perfect coffee stop and we are running out of places at Congreso, but half way along right behind our bus stop is a place called El Revolutionario. There are pictures of Che Guevara and all sorts of other symbolism, we thought it just a bar. So we checked out if it did indeed do coffee. Well it turns out to be something to do with Madres Plaza de Mayo. It would take too long to explain here so you can read up here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mothers_of_the_Plaza_de_Mayo if you so wish.

Anyhow the coffee was excellent, as were the medialunas and the price was not bad either. We had the added pleasure of knowing we were supporting a good cause.

We came out to a number 90 collective just stopping at the bus stop, perfect timing.

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