Mentioned the war once, I think I got away with it.

Eating here is always a surprise. I suppose I should just ask, but when we are in a hurry I will just grab something from the confiteria, and well, just not know what it is. Today I grabbed two medialunas, they looked like they were just covered with coconut but inside they were filled with custard. Sometimes it is apple sometimes it is chocolate, not knowing saves me having to make a decision.

Philippe visited today with Walter, hopefully our tenant for next year. Everything looks good. I was a bit worried though when he started on about the war, I always thought it was the British that harped back not the Germans. It turned out however he was on about his divorce war.

After this I watched the second half of the rugby. Again there was some strange goings on, but for me, I have just been denied another chance to bait the French here and Philippe in particular. I think that they deserved the win and that denied try as well, just do not tell any French that I know.

Another Fulgor Sunday and the number of regulars is right down. Funnily enough the actual numbers was up, many people here I have not seen before. There was one tall guy who we managed to entice into dancing with Viv. Turned out he was German as well. It was Viv’s turn not to mention the war, actually she said very little, she can’t even remember his name. I think it might have been Adolf or Herman.

Mariana was in a better mood this week. from her facebook status I think she had problems last week, but she was all smiles again. Still not taking any chances I said to Bebe that we can dance when she finishes. She then asked if I wanted to dance now, so we did. As it was only half a tanda we had another dance later. But the first time I tried I got a crossed cabeceo and ended up with Norma. Still I am not complaining, the ladies are very appreciative and that makes the dances enjoyable. Meanwhile our German tried dancing with the blond lady and found out why I don’t  dance with her, he got half a tanda and she sat down. He was not there much longer.

No Roberto and no sorteo again tonight so I can walk home in a straight line. It was a warm walk though with my waterproof on, it was not actually raining, but no point in taking chances.


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