Spent the morning watching the rugby. Wales made some surprising decisions, it was almost as if they wanted England to win. I am no expert in fact I find the game very confusing, but I found myself agreeing with the commentators. Maybe it is just not Wales time.

It’s Saturday so It is El Arranque, but we go with a heavy heart, knowing that it’s days are numbered.

I don’t know whether they have already started to desert, like rats from a sinking ship, but there were less of the regulars today. There seemed to be a lot of turistas though. There were three tables set up for one lot, I thought it was just a birthday party, but they were taking photos of the dance floor. Horatio must have given up, because he is usually very strict on stopping people photographing the floor. I decided to take some photos myself, for posterity and one guy got funny with me “solo el edificio” I said to him and he seemed placated.

Viv was having trouble, the dancers she was getting were not good and usually very old. A couple of times I got her up just for relief. She asked me to the Vals and with her and then she had enough, so it was off into the night then.

Saturday we usually go out to eat, but we were unsure where to go. We intended to get off the subte at Gardel but then changed our minds. We got off, instead at Medrano and went to Pachi bar.  Like most places here it is mainly pizzas, but with some imagination it is possible to conjure up something different. We ordered Bondolinas (You will have to look it up, basically pork) and a plate of chips and also a salad.

While this was being prepared we had a bottle of stout and some peanuts to keep us going. Well we were well filled up for less than £15. It just shows you can still do it here  if you know what you are doing.

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