Dinner with Boris

After another productive morning I have finally finished my dining chairs. So here, as promised are the pictures:

Before and after

Before and after

All the chairs done

All the chairs done

Thursday and another Nuevo Chique day. Funny how they go, Viv missed only one tanda today and she wanted to just carry on. At seven thirty though I was worn out. There was no dance left in me, so we caught the 151 for home. We jumped off at Corrientes though to try Subway for a coffee. It is cheaper, if not exactly traditional. Some guy was hastleing me as we went in, I did not realize he was begging at first because he had a green hat on. In the typically porteño way he hit me with a barrage of words that made no sense to me. Fortunately I was rescued by one of the staff. The coffee appeared to be pre sweetened but the croissants were good.

Viv has the night off from cooking, we are eating at Philippe’s tonight. It is always too late for us, but as guests we must fit in with our hosts. We stocked with beer and then Ice cream on the way. The woman in the ice cream shop is convinced we are mad, I bought a half kilo of mixed flavours, but still had to get a quarter of the chocolate armargo for Viv. She just will not have her flavours mixed.

Luba arrived fashionably late and we were finally introduced to her new companion; Boris the dog. Boris is a Pomeranian apparently, no I have never heard of them either. Very small and still being a pup was into everything. It was impossible to relax. First he tried to eat the olive stones, so they were put out of reach, then he was into Luba’s bag for her cigarettes. Never mind he kept us entertained.

Philippe fed us well, as you would expect from a Frenchman, but the conversation always seems to revolve around Brexit these days. It must be hard, I suppose to understand from so far away.


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