Subte Chaos

Not the best start to the day today. We lay in bed far too long and we are out of milk. So the shopping had to be done before anything. Went to the Almacen for some beef for tea. We thought we would have a thicker piece today but that did not quite work out right. I pointed out the piece we would like but he cut it differently than I expected, then when I told him a bit thicker, he sort of went off at an angle. It is a very nice piece of meat for about £2.50 but it looks now more like a roasting joint.

Even at the chino I did not do so well; Viv wanted some face pads but all I could find were baby wipes. Too small so I left them. So I just got eggs and milk.

On our trip out today we had to recharge the SUBE cards, but there was a queue at the office and a train was in, so it was plan B again, charge them at Uruguay. For once when there was someone taking too long at the window, they opened the other one, so we were done in no time.

At milonga de Juan the DJ was doing no better than usual. In our first five tandas he played two Biagi  not that this is a problem for me, I love Biagi but not every one does. And not every one likes Tanturi, many are not good for dancing, so when the third tanda came on Dora tapped me on the shoulder “The third Tanturi” she said.

The dancing is not the best here either, men moving to their blind side and taking multiple back steps. I think I received more injuries than if I had been in the 6Nations. The DJ does not do it all on his own either, Juan stopped the vals to announce that someone had left some shoes in the ladies toilets, no idea why he could not wait for the Cortina.

I knew it was going to be one of those days; I am very careful when passing the joint in the floor, the ladies cannot see it and they have fine heels, but there was a crowd at this point. I just managed to manouvre her into the gap and had to use all my strength to catch her. Still I have not lost a lady.

Then I forgot that the joint is also at the back of the room. I tripped over it and almost fell into the lap of Dora. I managed to stay upright and my dignity in tact, but will have to repair my shoes tonight.

When we got down to the subte the time for the next train was half an hour ago. Then it jumped on quarter of an hour before finally settling on 4 minutes. By this time the platform was getting very crowded and more people were pouring down the stairs. When the train finally arrived it was all but full, I put my shoulder to it and managed to get us on. At each stop there were more people trying to get on than off, it was utter chaos. When we got off at Medrano there were police there and we speculated there might have been an incident, but it is the way here, we will never know.

Anyway the beef steak was good, nicely cooked by my resident Chef, who has the day off tomorrow.




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