A productive morning

Had quite a productive morning. Viv posted her letter on her own while I went to pick up some money. The queue was not as bad as yesterday but I was still kept waiting half an hour. I am not going to have another rant about how inefficient they are here, I will save that for again.

I needed some more staples for my staple gun and they had them in the ferreteria across the road. I was shocked at the price though 125$ar, means that the staples cost more than the material I bought to cover the chairs. As I keep saying “everything here is upside down”. Still in the grand scheme of things, I managed to re cover my chairs for less than £15. I will post photos when they are finished. And on that note I also managed to cover another chair, that is two done now.

As we got down to the subte today there was a train just pulling in and typically I could not get through the gate, three times I tried my SUBE card then gave up and crashed the exit gate, but it was too late the train closed the doors and we had a five minute wait. We were early anyway and arrived at Nuevo Chique while the class was still on. No Marcella today and we had many problems with the seating. I had to turf one guy out of my seat, despite all my paraphernalia being on it.

Viv managed to get a better seat today, but still struggled with dances. (That’s what she says, I did not see her sit out much) There was again a different crowd, the usual’s were there, but some of Viv’s favourites were missing.

There is a Polish lady  I often dance with, made her money in the city, she lives part time here now. She was complaining about buying and selling houses, as her boyfriend is unwell and needs to live on a ground floor. She said she hopes he does not die, as she cannot extend her stay for a funeral, “Nice to know you care” I said.

Viv is not happy because I danced Poema with someone else and she had to sit it out. Trouble is, if I look at her and she does not look straight back I have to look for other partners. The floor soon fills and it is then impossible to cabeceo past all the dancers.

We stopped off at Vittorio again on the way home for coffee and medialuna, it cost us 35$ar more than it did last week. That’s more than 30% increase, going to have to stop drinking coffee at this rate.



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