La Bruja

We went to Palermo today to watch the 6 Nations Rugby at Sullivan’s Bar. I have managed to crack the freeview here, but Wales were playing so I was off to fly the flag. It looked a bit dodgy first half but there was a guy from Cardiff, he said that the Italians get tired. He was right, their only try was in the first half and we beat them 33 – 7.

It started hammering down again, but I said not to worry, in Buenos Aires it rains like it means it, but only for a short while. Shure enough, when the Rugby was over, the weather cleared.

Afterwards we met Pericles. He always eats on the run, so he ate there while we chatted. It was good to catch up, we never met up last year. Soon though he was off again, another appointment. Always in a hurry, I am glad he has time down in El Bolson to unwind.

Sunday night is Club Fulgor night. So we set off into the night air, being in an apartment on the second floor sort of detaches you from the weather and I was caught off guard when we went out. No jacket or jumper and it was hace frio. Not that bad until the wind blew, it felt Baltic compared with what we have become used to.

Last week the numbers were down because it was hot, tonight they were down because it was cold. It is just like a social club at home.

There is a Track by Juan D’Arienzo called La Bruja (The Witch) I sort of dedicated it to Vivs Mother. She used to have dreams and predict things so my Father in law always called her The Witch. So for me it has stuck. Anyway they played it tonight and I think that I am now going to have to dedicate it to Viv she seems to have taken over from her mother. There is an Indian looking couple who come to Fulgor, Viv said we have not seen them this year and just like that they arrived. Then she started about the blond lady who sits with Norma, also not seen this year and again, just like magic, she appeared. There’s definitely Welsh magic in her blood.

Also there tonight were some from Tango X. A tall couple who we have seen before, they remembered us and came over to say hello. They dance very elegantly, nothing fancy just great poise. I watch them and try to analyze what makes them good dancers, they are not what we call “Moves People” they just move well.

I think Bebe is in trouble; when “The tropical” came on she dragged Viv up to dance. Now Viv was never one for Jiggy Jiggy as she calls it so it is good that someone can get her up. Mariana was not happy though, she came to me saying that there are tree women who could dance with me. Then when I got Bebe up to tango at ten thirty (The place starts emptying before eleven) a couple arrived wanting to pay their entrance. I apologized to Mariana which she dismissed but she gave Bebe such a look.

The thing is; when I run a milonga, I try to dance with everyone, but this is not my milonga. I dance with the women who make me happy, the women who appreciate me and who I want to dance with. Mariana is Bebe’s boss here tonight, but I will be most annoyed if I find that any sort of sanction is imposed because of what I choose to do.

I danced with Norma, as always, but the blond lady was sniffy with me when there were loads of men here, I don’t see why I should dance with her now just because there are no others to choose from or the other men here will not split from their partners.

Despite my rant I had a really good night again at Fulgor and the black beer was excellent.



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