Goodbye Maria

Of to our Saturday El Arranque visit today, Viv is worried about the prospect of rain so she brings along an umbrella. When we leave the subte at Callao they have been working on the pavements and for the first block they are quite good. Unfortunately there is a patch just outside Zivals where they have taken the flags up again. There is a big drop and a Viv not paying attention missed the step and came crashing down. I was in front of her and although she caught me  on the way down, it was not enough to break her fall.

We spent some time outside Zivals tending her knee and cleaning her up. I thought we may have to go back, but soldier she is, after a short interlude she was ok.

There was a whole different crowd here again. I have my harem of women, but for Viv it was again difficult. Still I don’t think she missed many tandas. I sent a request to Erwin for a milonga tanda, Orquesta Typica victor, and just at the right moment he did it for me, Started with Milonga de los fortunes and followed it with Cacareando, Vivs favorite. I have never heard the third track before. I thanked him afterwards.

We were both tired again and when the cumbia came on followed by Pugliese we decided to leave. I had to do one last dance with Maria and say goodbye, family business calls and nothing I can do will keep her here, so unless we meet up in the summer, this will be it for another year.

It was starting to rain as we left but only spots. Viv wanted to get to the other end before it started but as we left the subte at Gardel it was hammering down.  If we had stayed on Callao we may have missed the worst, but we were stuck with it. We made a dash for La Continental in a lull and sat down awaiting service.

They advertised Quilmes Stout, but when we ordered it they did not have it. The only beer they had in litre bottles was Stella. I knew we should have stopped on Callao, there are three places on that street, so if one did not have it the next might. So we had two glasses of Quilmes Cristal instead. The guy looked surprised when we ordered a grande Pizza. He looked even more surprised when he came back and we had finished it all. Ha, we are from Wales, you don’t beat us.

So it was back to the apartment and a bottle of Quilmes stout from the chino, it’s a third of the price anyway. Next time, I think it’s a take away pizza and beer from the chino.



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2 responses to “Goodbye Maria

  1. tangobob

    I saw Erwin with the camera. That is why I got up for the last of the tanda.

  2. jantango

    This video proves you were there in El Arranque.

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