Got my Shoes Back

OK, well I got my shoes back. For those interested here is my route. If you are not interested just skip this bit: Caught the subte at Medrano and changed at Pueyrredon, train for Hospitales then change again at Plaza Miserere, then leave at Saenz Peña. only one block to walk then. After successfully retrieving my shoes I walked across Congreso to the Windmill (Confiteria Molin) then along Callao back to Corrientes. El Beso is just a block back up.

When I arrived I had trouble getting attention and a seat. So that Viv arrived while I was still waiting. She told Diago she wanted a seat where she would not be moved from today, so she was put on the table where Graciela sits. I was given a seat right behind. Well that worked out well.

Maria had tried some wine here and she had decided that I should also try it. So while I was up dancing my water turned to wine, Malbec from Mendoza, it don’t get much better. We had some excellent dancing and thanks to the advice from Gerta I managed to get some ladies I had not danced with before. I danced with the Cat lady again and even got a second dance with her. Taken me eight years but I think I have finally cracked this one. I think that the cabeceo is dead here. No body has the eyesight for it any more, I walk around and nobody refuses me.

When Viv asked what time we were leaving I said “not before Jesus” she asked what I meant and I told her someone had turned my water into wine. She then admitted she had planted the wine on my table, I never told her that I already knew.

Told Paloma we are going to crush the French in The 6 Nations, she thought my crushing motion was so funny she called Hubert over so that I could demonstrate again. Being a border rat English and Welsh I do have two chances.

When the Chacarera came on Viv was not for doing it “It’s boring” she said. So I decided to go and log on the internet, but as luck would have it Gerta grabbed me on the way past, and so we did the chacarera together.

A guy came and said “hello” he was from New York, he remembered me, I am afraid I did not remember him. I think that dancing with Viv possibly re-enforces the memory. I also danced with a lady from New Jersey ” we don’t like to say we are Americans” She said. This confused me somewhat. “Well I can’t call you yankies because they are from the south” “no” she said ” because of Trump”. “Well” I said “I won’t blame you for Trump if you don’t blame us for May” I am afraid though she could not grasp that May is unelected. The tango piste is not the place for politics.

We kept going until about seven thirty, something of a record for us. Then it was time to head home again.

More Quilmes stout for us tonight, from the chino. Have to keep up the beer levels.



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