Fire in the polystyrene shop

Another Nuevo Chique day, so we head off to Uruguay on the subte. All along we are rained on by the neglected air conditioners. Towards the far end we can see thick smoke, something is on fire. As we approach we realize we must cross to the other side of the road, then I see that the shop is one selling polystyrene.  We hold our breaths as we pass, burning polystyrene is poisonous, but the locals seem not to care, they stand amongst it all taking note and commenting.

For Viv it was not the best day at Chique. It is hard to fathom, most of the same people were there, but the men were not dancing. It was, of course, ok for me always there are more women, so that even though some think that they are too good, there is always someone for me to dance with.

Hubert and Paloma arrived later. It is unlike them usually they arrive early like us. They have been missing a couple of weeks, holidaying in Salta. Hubert went straight over to Viv and promised her a dance, but somehow it never happened. We did not see Graciela today, I guess that she was worn out after yesterday. Maria was here though and we had two good dances.

Maria, it appears has her DNI and a bank account here. As she is never here more than three months I have no Idea why. Today she told me that 2,000$ar had disappeared from her account. That is about £100, proves what the locals say “You cannot trust the banks here”. Personally I prefer to keep my head down below the RADAR. No doubt if we ever come to sell the apartment they will hammer us, but for now, we don’t exist.

Another day another café. We tried Vittorio Congresso, we got a medialuna with our coffee for the same price as just a coffee in Congresso Plaza and no finger nails. Trouble was when we got back I realized I had left my shoe bag. I am determined not to panic, I will pick it up tomorrow.



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