Cumple de Graciela

Off to Milonga de Juan again, with a difference today, it is Gracielas Birthday. We start with the entrada though, they have put it up to 70$ar not a great deal in the grand scheme of things, but we have been telling everyone how cheap it is. Why they have to put up the price by 40% in one go is beyond me. The whole place started off slowly, apparently there had been a lot of complaints on Monday.

There was confusion at the door when we asked for the reserva de Gabriela. Then when we sat down the waiter again tried to move us on, nobody, it seems, thinks extranjeros get invites. Still it was all ok when the party girl arrived.

From this far back in the room Viv was not getting many dances, so she moved forward. Soon she was off in full swing, although the men at this end were, shall we say, past their prime.

There is a lot of talk about cabeceo here. In places like this you can forget it, most of the women cannot see and that now seems to go for the men as well. One guy Viv wanted to dance with, but was getting nowhere. She finished one tanda right by him and asked “I cannot see” he said. So she did the next tanda with him.

I soon learned that the only way I was going to get dances was to walk around the room. Sat there just looking, I was getting nowhere.

Graciela was doing a grand job of getting us all drunk. She had jugs of some sort of sangria, tasted like cough medicine to me. I asked her what was in it “Champagne, gin, wine,” then I sort of lost count as she poured me another. Then she brought some champagne, birthday cake and biscuits. Viv had disappeared so I saved her some cake and drank some more.

It was gone eight by the time we had the cake. Four hours of solid dancing and drinking time to go home. The waiter was worried to death about our two waters, I did think about hiding in the toilets and scaring him to death but it would not go down well next week so I paid him by the door.

Then it was home to another fine piece of steak from our butcher. I paid 60$ar for this one, but there is enough for two days.


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