Where is the wet fish when you want it?

Today we have to re charge our Sube cards and as usual the office at Medrano is closed. Still on the bright side we got a free ride. One guy was having non of it though, I told him that the office was closed, but he still stood doggedly at the window. You can’t help some people.

We got off at Uruguay and went over to the office. One woman beat us to it and tried to put 50$ar on her card. It was in a plastic case and was not reading, the guy in the office was trying to tell her but she was intent on her phone. Oblivious to the guy in the office and the queue forming behind her, what is it about smart phones that demand so much attention. As I did not have a wet fish to slap her across the head, I had to tap her on the shoulder to inform  her that the person here in the real world she was supposed to be dealing with needed her attention. She refused to take her card out of the plastic case and after three attempts took her fifty back and stormed off.

Funny how things change in the milongas. Viv had a poor time getting dances, I think she finds it worse because she has come to expect so much here. Me? I never missed a tanda. I did try to get Viv up a few times, but she was usually intent on someone else, although I did get her up for the milongas.

She had, had enough  by seven so we set off towards home. Instead of turning up Moreno like we usually do we walked along San Jose toward Av mayo. At Hypolito Yrigoyen there was a café that Viv had seen. We were put off our usual place last week. Trouble was it had shut, but on the other side of the road was another called Las Medialunas de Abuelo (Granddads’ Croissants). The girl here told us that she was closing in half an hour, but that was OK we would not take that long over a coffee. We decided to try the medialunas as well, well it would be rude not to. Best ones we have tasted here, but next time we come out of Chique this place will probably be closed, such is life.



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