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Boris Bikes

The city have been installing stands for some time now, finally they have reached Almagro. We now have stands on two streets within a block of us filled with shiny new bicycles. Ecibici they call them here, I thought it might be an idea to see if we could get use of these, as they are so close. I made a note of the web address and logged on. It all went fairly smoothly until the end, “we will send you an email with further details” they said. I waited 24 hours and nothing, perhaps I should have done it on a day other than Friday. So I decided I had better do Viv as well, or we could be here until next year. Then we had a problem, it would not accept my nuber “Number already registered” well at least I know I had some success, but we only have one number here. So I had to use Viv’s UK number. That again went smoothly, but we are still waiting for the email. I am guessing that this is not automatic and we will just have to wait until Monday.

Fulgor again tonight. No Roberto and no Bebe, Viv thought it was because the numbers were down, but that was not the case. There were a lot of people eating pizza tonight. I saw Bob and Elsa had some left, I said to Viv “Do you think he will be giving that away” he did as well, just not to me. Bastard!

There was no sorteo either, they don’t bother when Roberto is not there. The standard of music is improving now that Ruben is getting used to the job. Still some mixed tandas though. Still plenty of room to practise though, everyone here comes and tells us how well we dance. I am not sure who that reflects on most, but accept the complements anyway.

Well when the beer runs out it is time to head off home again. The late nights and long walk home, we still have not become fully accustomed to it all.

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