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Careful what you buy here

Off to El Beso again today. For some reason I was not looking forward to it, I guess it is all catching up with me. Never the less we sat seperado, we were made to feel very welcome by Diego and then by Zoraida and in no time I was up dancing. I soon forgot my depressed feelings and had a great time.

Viv again danced almost every tanda and she would not leave until she had danced with Ron Dennis (not the real one, just looks like him). There were many women I had danced with before, but somehow I struggled to break through with any new ones. The Cat woman, who danced with me last week blanked me again today. I guess last week was a one off.

One lady came over to talk with me, who I have not seen before. I danced two dances with her, she seemed impressed. Las borrachas were there, they gave me some good dances, if a little noisy. I have an open invite over to Sweden now, although I am unsure if I can manage it this year.

I managed to get Viv to do the Chacarera with me. She seems reluctant these days for some reason. Maria filmed us on her camcorder I look forward to seeing it. If it is available I may post it here as well.

I think Mario is loosing it: last week he played the same track twice, this week he did a three track milonga tanda, then a Cortina then another milonga. Not what you expect from a professional. Perhaps it is the strain of doing two venues a day.

I checked the price list for this place; a bottle of Quilmes stout was 168$ar that is exactly four times the supermarket price. You expect some mark up but that is just daylight robbery. I must check in future before I order, normally I don’t bother, but this set bells ringing.

Stopped off for a bottle of Quilmes Stout at the local chino 42$ar. Tastes just as good in our flat.

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