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Las Borrachas

Off to Milonga de Juan again today.

On the subte someone tried to get into Vivs bag. She keeps nothing valuable accesible but as she left the train her Sube card fell out, just as well I was behind her. Another lady was telling her, her bag was open as I picked it up. Nothing lost but it was a reminder of the petty theft here, and to watch out when travelling.

We arrived later than last week but still got our usual place. While Viv went off to change her shoes I danced a milonga with the slim dark haired lady. Things started off slowly for both of us, and one lady commented to me that the cabeceo does not work, you have to wander around. I stuck at it for a while, but in the end I had to go walkabout.

All the rules are broken here, including the one where you are allocated a seat. I got back after one dance and someone was in my seat. I though that there was going to be trouble, but when I pointed out my towel was over the back of the seat, my shoe bag was hanging on it and my shoes underneath, and on top of that my drink, he accepted what I said and moved. Viv was not happy though, the guy sometimes dances with her, now she was not going to get that dance.

Maria, Graciela and her sister arrived. They ordered beer as always, they now call themselves las borrachas. The standard of floorcraft is not the best here, I am getting used to being barged kicked and trodden on, but at least, it is good natured. I have not seen anyone get angry, yet.

Gloria was here as well. I got two dances with her. She also led Viv in a milonga, they both seemed to enjoy that. I am not sure how she manages it, she is so short, her boobs stick in my groin. So leading Viv must be particularly difficult.

They had a live band at seven, but Viv was not for doing the Chacrera. I thought she was in a strop about that first milonga, so we left shortly afterwards, still we stayed three quarters of an hour longer than last week. Things are on the up.

We bought some bread from the chino on the way home.  They have a little oven and cook it fresh, it was very tasty to eat along with Viv’s Stew.



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