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Cool breeze on a hot night

Spent Sunday just mooching, the heat is getting to us so we did very little. Went for a walk around five and was tempted to bring home a chair that someone had dumped, but the thought of Viv’s wrath stopped me.

Still we had Fulgor to go to. There was a cool breeze along Guardia Vieja, but it did little to cool us off, the breeze was still there along Loyola but we did not really cool until we got into the air conditioned club. Numbers are still down and everyone seems subdued. I danced with Norma but as always she could not manage a full tanda. I also danced with the lady on the door again, found out her name is Bebe. Nice name for a little lady.

We drank beer and double the amount of water again supplemented by the sorteo. I won a glass of strawberry flavoured fizzy all helps to get the liquid level up.

By eleven there was hardly anyone there, we had already kissed goodbye to most of the locals, even Mariana had come for the money. Guess it was time to go.

Again we had the cool breeze on the way home, but we were still lathered in sweat by the time we got back. The forecast gave a night time temperature of 27deg but it felt hotter, the humidity does not help.

As they say here “es la humididad que mata”

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