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Rib eye and ice cream.

She dragged me out to Jumbo (Pronounced chumbo here) this morning. Only because there are some things we have not been able to get in the local shops. Like all supermarkets they have re arranged everything, so now we cannot find the one thing we came in for. While here we may as well look for our regular shop, but this is Argentina and everything is upside down, far from being cheaper in the supermarket most things are 50% more expensive. We came back with just milk and the coffee filters. When I can find coffee filters local, it will save us a trek.

Stopping off at the chino on the way back, we realize how much of an advantage having a car is at home. To make matters worse they don’t like you bringing your bags into their shops. I do like walking in the sun though, it may be unbearably hot, but something about the quality of the light lifts my spirits in a way that is hard to explain.

Viv wanted to stop off for a hat on the way back. The ticket price was $120ar not a bad price, but the girl charged her only $60ar apparently there is a sale on, nice to know that not everyone is out to rip you off.

Saturday is El Arranque so we head off again. Everyone tells us that there is no Air conditioning here, this is true but it still feels cooler than outside, the floor despite being tiled is one of the best and the crowd makes the place. This is still one of my favorites and our Waiter  Horatio always has our place for us and drinks on the table. You just cannot beat this service.

Erwin the DJ is also welcoming and has been known to film us now and again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7BRp5_D2ag

Viv is clearly at the front, but you can make me out in the second row behind her dancing with a lady in a red top.

Maria arrived in a state, seems she had left her money at home and Graciela was not there yet. I did not mind paying her entrada, she will pay me back when she is ready.

I danced with Hilda again, not seen her for a while. Mad hair  and only about five foot again she is of a certain age but despite being well endowed she never wears a bra. Not a sign of droop surprising at her age.

We went to the old lady again for food and some beer. Viv had the cerdo terriaki I had the rib eye steak. Come to Argentina and you really appreciate the difference in cooking, they may not do puddings, but boy can they cook meat.

As I said they don’t do puddings but thankfully there is an Ice cream place on the corner, Ice cream to finish it is then.

For those not following The old lady is called Guarda la Vieja (Look after the old lady) We live in Guardia Vieja (The old Guard) The Spaniards like word play as well.

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