El Abrazo

We have been asked to go to El Abrazo today, so for a change, we are giving it a try. El Abrazo was the milonga that ran at La Confiteria Ideal. Now with that closed it has moved to El Beso. It’s an easy journey for us, possibly even easier than Ideal, we just get off at Callao and walk back one block.

They sat us together when we entered, but it did not seem to make much difference. At first it looked like Viv was going to have trouble, but she soon picked up.

It is hard to give descriptions without appearing cruel, but as I have been asked, I will try. Please accept that I am not trying to be bitchy, just honest and hopefully those described will not read this. (swallows hard)

There is one lady I have seen around a lot, but never managed to get her to dance. She has what you might describe as a hard body, very slim copper hair but a face that was not her own. Hard to determine her age but she obviously takes care of herself, but I prefer natural features. She dances well and has no trouble getting partners, that is why it has taken me this long to get a dance. The dynamic here is on my side today, so maybe I will get more dances in the future.

There is a threesome with whom we have got quite friendly and today they are celebrating. There is Graciela, the youngest. She always makes up well although she is often tired after a work day. She carries too much weight but is very lively and about 5’2. She is also the noisy one and often sings the words of the tango songs out loud. Although a porteña I think that the locals are a bit shocked at her noise level. There is her sister, who has only recently started dancing with us, she has improved since last year and getting more dances now. Then there is Maria, a red faced buxom Swede. Maria speaks no English so we have to communicate it Spanish, with as you can imagine, some problems. It was her birthday today so we were treated to champagne and cake. Not sure if I should mention her age but she does not look five years older than me.

The dancing is difficult in El Beso, the floor area is too small and being new here getting dances was a challenge. Still we both enjoyed it and it was not far off closing by the time we left.

I am not very good at remembering the men, there is one we call Ron Dennis (Because he looks like him) Viv lost out to the birthday party today and did not get a dance. Leroy is a huge black fireman from Chicago wiggles his bum and is generally quite playful, Viv mentioned Trump once and now she gets a political commentary every dance, but on the bright side, he now remembers her and she gets dances. Then there is Rene completely opposite to Leroy, I think he is happy at where his head ends up while they are dancing.

We left when the Chacarera came on, Viv, it seems, is not quite ready for the Chacarera.

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