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A new venue

Before this week I had never heard of La Milonga de Juan although I found out it has been running two years. It was a slow start for us as we know nobody here. One or two turned up later that we knew, but it was otherwise slim pickings.

There were considerably more men than women so at least Viv got plenty of dances. She also knew a couple of men from Ideal so she did well enough. Every time I managed to get a dance I got the same reaction “I didn’t know if you could dance” hopefully they will know for next time.

I don’t know why this place is not in Hoy Milonga, but it seems to keep it very local. The price is the lowest we have found and the drinks are cheaper as well. Apparently there is a show at seven as well, but after three and a half hours dancing we had enough. It is also one of the few places now where the organizer welcome you in and dances with the women.

Could not go without dancing with Maria and Graciela though. Graciela always makes a show of it, they can’t say they don’t know me here now.

Time to catch the subte home and grab some beer.

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