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A quiet couple of days

Shopping here is always an interesting experience, bulk buying seems to be something that they have never heard of. Take, for instance breakfast products, a big box is 500 grams. I want dried fruit for my porridge and 250grams seems to be the max. I found a shop selling 400gram packs but they worked out dearer. They do have shops here where they sell bulk products, they call them dietetica. They have oats in sacks and you can buy it by the half kilo. So I grab the sack, which contains just over a kilo and tell the girl I will have it all. Instead of weighing the whole sack she tries to put it in a tiny bag. It won’t go in there I tell her, so she puts it in two half kilo bags. I just wonder sometimes.

Sunday night was wet and despite the umbrella I managed to get rather damp by the time I reached Fulgor. Numbers were down, not sure if it is the time of year or the fact that it was raining. Still we had a good time and I managed a couple of dances with the old dears. There was no one for Viv though, she just had to make do with me. I always seem to get a free drink here when they have the sorteo, with not needing transport, it makes it a cheap night all in.

Viv insists that we have a rest day so Monday we stayed in. It is impossible to get any decent programs here, BBC, ITV, and channel 4 are all blocked,  so we watched old Frazier programs. I think I would rather be dancing.

Tuesday and we are back to Nuevo Chique, same old subte ride, tossed around like loose objects. Funny how the feel of a place can change on a daily basis, we both struggled today. Why this should be, I don’t know. There were too many women so you could understand Viv struggling, but you would think it would be easier for me. Still I did not do so bad, just sometimes had to wait a while.

An old friend turned up, Gloria Garcia. She was an organizer of old and it was a pleasure to dance with her again. A few old friends turned up today, it makes it more of a social event.

On our 151 home I managed to get tossed down the bus. Standing by the door ready to alight, the bus had all but stopped and as the driver let off the brakes it just threw me down the bus. Embarrassed I got off rather quickly.

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