Return of the Shoe

Viv sent me out shopping again. Amongst other things she wanted risotto rice. Well they had quite a range in the dietetica but nothing that I recognized.

In the end I bought some boxed stuff from the Chino, it costs more but at least it was safe.

All the shopping done and it was time to get ready to go out again. The subte down was again one of the new ones. I cannot say I enjoy the feeling of rattling around in a box, still it’s a shorter journey today. You feel a bit like a rabbit coming out of a hole when you leave the underground and my memory has faded so we came out the wrong side if the road. I will have to remember next time.

El Arranque is very quiet when we arrive, but we are greeted by the waiter who still remembers our drinks. There are one or two old faces so we are both soon dancing. As the numbers increase so do our opportunities and again we dance for three and a half hours without break. (apart from the cumbia, but that is another story)

Maria and Graciela arrive like queens to their reserved table and I am treated to more hugs and kisses. We even managed a few new dances as well, Viv is enjoying this new popularity but soon it is time to leave, we are just not fit enough to keep going at this rate.

We stopped off at Imaginario for some food and beer. We got this sussed now, we order beer first and get some nuts with it, only afterwards do we order the food. We feel too tired to walk over to Canning, but go we must. When we got there they soon found the missing shoe, so now, at last, we can stop this constant trek.


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