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Easy day

A trip out to easy is on the cards today. I need some screws and other bits for repairs around the place. I had a very successful run the only thing I did not find was a small drill set. I have a few individual drill bits but in a small place like this a set would be handy, but not a massive set with holesaws  screwdriver bits and all sorts of other accoutrements.

We intended going to a late milonga today so a lazy day was in order, but then Viv gets cabin fever so we did a bit of shopping. Then we walked down to the Abasto Centre. We never really do much here, not into shopping centres so we circumnavigated and  then wandered down Gardel. I was a bit disappointed in the statues. The Troilo statue has lost its microphone and they have not yet put one up for Alberto Podesta.

Some how our day passed with little happening. We walked to Canning, but were told that because Wednesday is another organizer we would have to come back tomorrow. We bumped into Pauline and Geoff who were here for a class with Gustavo and Maria, but we were not for stopping. Seems that they are not ready  to stop to the wee small hours either.

So we set off for a beer and another earl night.



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