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Expensas day

Well this is the day I was dreading, flying solo at Banco Santander. The first time I get to pay the expensas, in the bank, on my own. What could possibly go wrong?,

I arrived and, of course, there was a huge queue. After maybe fifteen minutes I had turned the corner and was heading back towards the machine. By now, of course, there was a queue behind me as well. Now, the machines for Santander customers do not have queues so people were drawing money and doing other things and then passing through us. One guy however was having trouble, getting frustrated at the machine, dropping his money and then finally kicking the pillar by us. One chap behind us was highly amused by this, and I thought “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. You really do not want to be behind me in this queue”

Eventually my time came, now, the machines had changed since Philippe had shown me how to do this, but hay, how hard can it be? I had a choice of “Card Identificacion” “Numero de Identificacion” or “Sin Identificacion”. Well that bit was easy, but from there on it all went horribly wrong. After crashing out three times I asked the guy behind me “Puedes ayudarme?” Blank face. Oh well you are just going to have to wait then.

Then the security guard came, he tried giving me help as you would to someone local. (Ie, paranoid about security) I would have been happier had he leaned on my shoulder. Then I put the wrong amount of money in, he must have thought I was a right idiot, but for once I stayed calm and with his help finally got my “Ticket” but when I turned to thank him he was gone.

Salon Canning was never going to be as good as Nuevo Chique yesterday, but never the less we were looking forward to seeing some old faces again. The place has had a total makeover and not just the usual lick of paint. The entrance foyer is filled with large Monteleone photographs and looks much brighter. inside the walls have been painted grey and the old carpet has gone, but the biggest transformation is the dancefloor. The old one was tired and broken, but now they have replaced the whole thing with a brand new one with wood imported from Brazil. It is a joy to dance on.

Even the toilets have been refurbished, to a standard way beyond what is normally seen here. I was thrown by this though as where the entrance was is now a blank wall, I did wonder whether I would have to run through it, Harry Potter style. The girl selling tickets saved me from this by telling me the gents is now with the ladies, inside.

As I said dancing was not as good, but we did ok. Viv, as ever insisted she only had a few dances, but I was sat behind her and know I missed as many as she did.  The trouble with the room is it’s very size, it is difficult to see to the opposite corner and often by the time you are looking at someone the floor is full. Still this is our first time and soon people will remember us and life will get so much easier.



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