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Good to be back

Ever noticed when you have low expectations the best things happen.

Well it was one of those days. Firstly I managed to get my new keys cut, with a longer shaft  that enables me to pick the door key out easier and saves my knuckles when I open the door.  Went to the post office to send a card and that was a breeze.  Still we were not looking forward to todays milonga, we were still not at our best.

Never the less we set off early. At the Subte the office was closed so we could not charge out SUBE cards, but the gate was open so free train ride. We got off as usual at Uruguay and the office there was open, so we both charged our cards, then left the station heading along Uruguay to San Jose.

Viv was soon telling me to slow down as we would be too early. Of course as soon as I slowed she left me behind, you just cannot win. We arrived just before four, of course milongas start at Argentine o’clock, so we hung around in the foyer. The first people we met were Hubert and Paloma, we must have some sort of magnetic attraction see https://tangogales.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/a-coruna-to-santander/

Getting there early was a great idea, Viv got the seat she wanted and first pick of all the men as they came in. Men who are normally too picky or just do not see her were asking her to dance. Unusually she never missed a tanda and by seven she was worn out.

Again there were so many ladies and so little time, I also never stopped. So many renewed acquaintance’s, so many besos, so many great dances. It was all too much for our first milonga. By the end my face hurt from smiling so much, but Viv said “go” so go we must. As we left we bumped into our old friend Juan, more besos and abrazos. Not seen him in some time, hopefully we will catch up this time.

We walked towards our bus stop and Viv wanted to stop for a coffee before we left, a chance to relax and unwind. As we sat drinking our coffee the best part of the day for me; Viv said

“Good to be back” When Viv is happy, so are we all.

Things continue to improve, caught our 151 collective “Donde?” he said “Guardia Vieja” said I, and he understood. Wow!


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