Our first days back

Well it is not going that well here, but more of that later. I would like to say that the flight went smoothly, except it didn’t. We had almost no time between flights at Schipol. This is a shame as we love this airport. Because we were not considered a quick turn around we had no information and were floundering for a short while. Fortunately the place is full of lovely Dutch ladies in blue, who soon put us on our way.

Still with no time to shop or explore we were soon ingested into the massive beast, right near the back, as luck would have it. In the early hours Viv got up and left me to sprawl over two seats, but even then I could not sleep. Soon one of our lovely Dutch ladies was shaking me awake. Viv had walked to the back of the plane and promptly collapsed into the arms of a newly qualified German doctor. (Female before you get too excited). Apparently 1% of passengers get ill, so that would be four on a plane this big. Our German doctor was enjoying her first proper patient and the excellent medical kit. She used the stethoscope the blood pressure monitor and the thingy that they put on your finger the checks your pulse. There was a male doctor as well, apparently they are over here for the tango. I look forward to seeing them in a milonga some time.

Anyway I got no sleep, not sure how much Viv got maybe some before she got up and a little on the floor. KLM food is usually good but the breakfast was disgusting, omelet in gravy, we hardly touched it.

So we walked through Migraciones like zombies and then headed out to get a taxi, another shock 600ar$. Going to have to get used to some changes again.

Maurico was in when we arrived and we soon sorted the keys out. I must say he has left the place immaculate and everything still works. So we set off out for a coffee. Mauricio said it was his treat as he did not want to take home pesos.

I am afraid were not the best company. We have this horrible hacking cough as well as being dog tired, so Mauricio decided to try and get an earlier plane. We bid him goodbye and crawled into bed. Our siesta lasted six hours and we awoke hungry. No food anywhere in this town until late, but fortunately Imaginario was opening and they were happy to serve us. I still never finished my burger although the quilmes stout certainly helped.

Then a return to bed for more sleep.

We could not do much shopping on a Sunday but we got most of what we wanted from the local chino. We were still fit for nothing and the thought of going to Fulgor and kissing everyone filled us with dread. We did not want to be responsible for an epidemic here and possibly killing off some of the already frail and declining numbers. So we had another early night. another long sleep, turning into Rip Van Winkel.

Monday we did not fair much better, the only milonga we could reasonably attend was Obalisco and we left there last time without Viv getting a dance. John Moreton has put us onto another, but by now we would be running too late. So I put some credit on my phone and brought it back to life then went of to get some replacement Keys. Our favorite locksmith has packed up business and the other one on Salguero is closed for January. Another failed mission.

OK we have been in Buenos Aires three days and not danced so we headed down the road for La milonga de Vinilo.Not the best, but only a stones throw away and free entry. We did half a dozen tandas together then packed off home. A cheap night and a good warm up, just hope I can stop the hacking tomorrow. More paracetamol and another good nights sleep and hopefully tomorrow will be better.



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