Santander home

We found the time on the boat dragged. Either the entertainment was not as good as we remembered or we are getting jaded. We enjoyed the morning breakfast though. It was fun checking in on Facebook every time we passed somewhere like Jersey or The Isle of Wight.

It was all ending too suddenly for me and I was hoping for some time in Plymouth just to ease us home more slowly.

Even this was not to be. Every hotel we tried was full. Then we got to a park and the road was closed off “Road Closed MTV Festival Event” it said. We tried another hotel there and the guy was more helpful “There is not a bed left in Plymouth” he said “All booked up for the festival” Again, we have arrived too soon, it is looking like we should have had that four days in Santander.

There was nothing for it but to head for the station. The girl was very helpful and managed to get us on a train home. We could have three changes or four for half the price, so we opted for four. At least we did not have to sleep in the station.

Even the café was closing up, although we managed a sandwich. Our welcome home meal never happened. We had spent 60 hours travelling and arrived home in Wrexham at a quarter past midnight. One up for Wrexham though, there was a taxi waiting and we got back from the station in no time at all.

The celebration meal will have to wait.

I seem to get new readers every day, so for those who are just joining me you can go back to the start of my journey here



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